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Tean Wong has been in Real Estate Business since 2008.  A true entrepreneur, she has a well-rounded background, including degrees in medical technology and fashion design.  She started her career at the age of 7 by buying whole-sale candy which she sold to her classmates and teachers at school.  She purchased her first real estate property at the age of 21, founder of a high-end woman”s wear company, she also bought a Thai restaurant and tripled its revenue within six months.


Her accomplishments include being President of the Student Union at the oldest and largest Medical School in Thailand, Mahidol University, and a representative of Thai students to the Asia Pacific Student Seminar in 1997.  She is a recipient of the Denise Hajjar Life Time Achievement Scholarship at the School of Fashion Design in Boston in 2003, and a recipient of the Boston Young Designer of the Year 2005 from the Boston Center for Adult Education.


While Tean”s interests and background are multi-faceted, her real passion is real estate. As the oldest daughter of a real estate developer in Thailand, she often accompanied her father to see real estate properties and to work sites, and was consulted for her opinions.  According to Tean, “Real Estate makes me feel young; real estate gets me excited.  There”s always something new and interesting, but for me the best part is that real estate gives me a great opportunity to meet incredible people.”

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